About Toward Presence

This work is ideal for individuals who:

  • Are experiencing stress, discomforts, or ailments
  • Feel unsettled inside themselves
  • Experience strife or dissatisfaction within a key relationship
  • Are curious about what self-exploration can do

All of this work is based on the skill of tracking:  watching the internal experience.  One watches the easy parts.  One watches the frightening parts.  One watches.  

Toward Presence offers Practice Sessions for individuals to learn and practice tracking.  While the skill is relatively easy to learn, it is difficult to practice.  So we join with a partner, to practice, and to practice again.  

For individuals interested in going deeper, Toward Presence offers one-on-one Training Sessions to hone skill and understanding of the individual elements of a Practice Session.  This can lead to becoming a Toward Presence host, one who orients individuals new to the practice.  

As one grows versed in hearing the language of self-awareness, additional avenues open.  Toward Presence offers Facilitation to employ techniques to speak in the language of self-awareness.  We use the language to make active shifts in the experience one is having.

This work is conducted in careful partnership, facilitator and facilitatee.  Entering into authenticity cannot be rushed.  It is entered carefully, slowly, respectfully.

At Toward Presence and at any point, one can participate in Practice Sessions, Training Sessions, Facilitation, or a combination of the three. 

Training is also available in Facilitation. Contact us directly for more information.

About Lisa McCrickard

Lisa McCrickard is a facilitator of self-awareness and the founder of Toward Presence℠.

In 2011, Lisa became acquainted with the field of self-inquiry, practices turning the lens of awareness onto the self.  Very soon into it, she was astounded by the shifts she was experiencing in her everyday life.  Interactions became easier. Situations were met with greater clarity and ease.  She became an increasingly eager student.  The path led to traversing painful truths – and receiving the absolute gifts of their integration. 

In 2017, Lisa completed a rigorous facilitator certification program under Dr. Anna Pittman.  Her personal practices continued to deepen and clarify, and Lisa began sharing the work with individual clients.  

Lisa is versed in the skillful and gentle approach to what is sacred within us.  Today, she offers one-on-one sessions teaching and practicing the fundamental skill of observing the system.  This is the entry point to transformation, and it is a skill that is cultivated through practice.  

Lisa encourages and supports individuals to practice holding presence, for themselves and for others.  She teaches the individual elements of successful practice.  For individuals ready to make an active shift in their experience, she offers facilitated sessions.     

Lisa holds degrees in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech and in physics from Wellesley College.  She grew up in Penfield, New York, and currently resides in Blacksburg, Virginia, with her husband, three children, her dog, and a small flock of chickens.

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