Types of Sessions

Practice Sessions

With a trained host, practice the fundamental skill of holding presence. No experience necessary. Elements of the practice will be taught. When contacting Toward Presence to schedule your session, please specify if you would like to work with Lisa, a different host, or if you have no preference.

Cost: $15

Duration: about 45 minutes

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Training Sessions

Deepen your skill and understanding of the individual elements of a Practice Session. Completion of an individual topic requires meeting with a facilitator the number of times indicated. Additional topics to be added.

When you contact Toward Presence to schedule your Training Session, please specify (1) which topic you are working toward, and (2) if you would like to meet with Lisa, a different facilitator, or have no preference.

TopicNumber of Required Training Sessions
Tracking Fundamentals4
Tracking Advanced3

Cost: $80 per session

Duration: about 1 hour per session

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Practice tracking at multiple levels of awareness, and use the revealed material to make active shifts in your experience. Learn how to bring your life into alignment with what you value. 

Cost: $80

Duration: about 1 hour

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Contact us if you are interested in learning more or to schedule an appointment.  We welcome you.

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