Toward Presence℠

Journey in to clarity. Journey in to self.

I have a hypothesis I am testing:

Individuals experiencing presence will recognize its value.

Would you be interested in my experiment?

– Lisa McCrickard

Toward Presence teaches a profound and lasting approach to tap into the life one seeks.

It teaches people how to speak and hear a “language.” This language is accessible in our bodies and in our experiences. However, it is a language with which one may not currently have fluency. Learning to speak this language opens a new world. It leads to nothing short of self-understanding, and this understanding is the absolute key. 

This work is based on the careful and precise observation of what is rising in the system.  It is a practice of mindfulness.  While the work itself is deeply individual, at Toward Presence, it is practiced with another.  We utilize the partnership – for camaraderie, structure, and cover.

As one knows, understands, and befriends the self, equanimity grows. One is not nearly as buffeted by the actions and reactions of ourselves and others. The challenges of our lives are met with new effectiveness. Joy blooms.


This is a practice for folks interested in clarity, in knowing. This means clarity on all manners of things:  

  • Why you do the things you do.  
  • How to get what you want.
  • What you truly want.


Practice hearing and speaking a new language. This is the language of what is authentically rising in the present moment.  This information comes to us through the close and careful observation of the system.  It is somewhat easy to describe how to do it; it is much more challenging to do it.  


Step into the practice when, and only when, you have garnered the courage – perhaps a mere drop of it – to step towards authenticity. The journey is awe-inspiring.


Until one accesses the authentic place of change, one is stymied, always working at cross-purposes. What one wants always seems to be (just) out of reach. Peace. Satisfaction.  Connection. The deepest desires of the spirit are attainable – from the place of authenticity.


Meet with Lisa or another Toward Presence practitioner to practice turning the lens of inquiry on to ourselves, our beautiful, amazing, possibly frightened, selves. 

Partners meet at a local tea shop or park, online via Zoom, or at the Toward Presence work space in Blacksburg, Virginia.